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What is the Environmental Education Network?

Education for sustainable development

As a follow-up of the United Nations decade for ESD (2005-2014), Norway has developed a national strategy for Education for Sustainable development (ESD)

A meeting place

The network has been established in order to facilitate cooperation between schools, environmental authorities, research institutions and NGOs. The aim was to enable schools both to find information and to contribute information that might be useful others.

By publishing results on the website schools are able to contribute data that are likely to be useful to other schools, environmental authorities and scientists.

Teaching plans

Sustain.no is a resource for promoting training in sustainable development at all levels, from elementary to secondary school. It can also be used in higher education.

Local collaboration

The activities include illustrations of ways in which the school can cooperate with local official bodies and research institutions when studying, protecting or improving the environment in their district.

How to use the network

The participant picks out activities relevant to the school curriculum, the interests of the class and the local environment. The activities include various studies that can be carried out locally, as well as proposals for discussion topics, written reports and exchanges of experience. The school can adopt one or several areas. By carrying out activities in these areas, the school (the participant) can also make a contribution to the surveillance of their local environment. More on How to use the network in teaching/How to get started?